Getting bored of driving your kids around to another birthday party with nothing in return?
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Getting bored of driving your kids around to another birthday party with nothing in return? Skoda could have the solution.

The new ‘Skoda Parent Taxi’ app turns generous guardians handing out free rides into taxi drivers hustling for the longest possible fare... or in the Czech brand’s case, an empty dishwasher, clean bedroom, and freshly-mowed lawn.

That’s right, after each trip with their kids on board – all of which are tracked by GPS and stored – the app provides parents a list of chores for their little ones to complete as payment, with the final number of chores based on distance travelled and a kilometres-per-chore conversion rate set by the parent.

Like a real taxi, children also receive a receipt of their journey, and can see how many more garbage bags they’ll have to take out to pay for their sports game the previous Saturday.

Skoda conducted a survey of 1,723 British parents, and found two-thirds feel like a taxi service for their kids. The brand also found parents travel an average of 2652km ferrying their kids around every year, equivalent to $5808 worth of Sydney taxi fares. That’s a lot of vacuuming.

The Skoda Parent Taxi app is now available to download on iOS and Android. Fortunately the app is free, so you won’t need to spend any more on your kids’ rides than you already do.