The toy is available in a range of colours, which means you should be able to match your little tacker's car to the real one in the garage.
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McLaren has unveiled its first all-electric 720S, but you'll have to be young – very young, in fact – to actually enjoy it.

The 720S Ride-On follows in the footsteps of the P1 Ride-On. It features dihedral doors and is available in orange, blue, purple, black, blue, white and grey, allowing kids to mimic the colour of their mum or dad's car.

Inside, the dashboard is home to a proper key. Turning it fires up a small electric motor, which is backed by a fake noise generator designed to make it sound like a proper McLaren.

Although the 'driver' has control, the car can also be remotely controlled using a remote. When it's standing still, the car can also blast music from an SD card or USB through the 'infotainment' system.

In the UK, McLaren charges £315, equivalent to $510, for the Ride-On 720S.