Audi has released official information on the next generation flagship limousine, the Audi A8. It showcases an all-new aluminium body - know as Audi Space Frame which weighs 40 percent less than conventional structures - a revised 4.2-litre V8 - boasting more power and torque whilst consuming less fuel - and a Multi Media Interface system - using touch screen character recognition.
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The new A8 will sport an all-new 8-speed automatic transmission, too, which is said to dramatically improve fuel efficiency. Speaking of fuel consumption, the new A8 uses 21 percent less fuel than the previous model using the same engine. The 273-kilowatt V8 (up from 246kW) produces 445Nm of torque (up from 430Nm) and is said to consume an average of just 9.5L/100km (bettering the previous model's 12L/100km).

Inside, the luxury barge is loaded full of pampering goodies. The highlight though is the MMI system. This interface allows the driver to draw numbers, letters and characters onto a pad and the system will automatically recognise the commands. Audi has said even if the user isn't the neatest of writers (useful incentive to all the doctors out there) the system has no trouble recognising locations punched into the navigation system, for example.

Other gizmos include a night vision display that highlights pedestrians and other moving objects in low-light areas. The engine is also connected up to a Stop and Go system which switches the engine off when the car is stationary. The system then fires the engine back into life upon acceleration without hesitation, adding to that improved fuel economy.

Uwe Hagen, managing director Audi Australia, spoke of the Australian release in a recent report,

“The all new Audi A8 is the most-important model we will launch in 2010 in terms of driving our prestige image upwards thanks to its aspirational value, unparalleled quality and excellent level of specification."

The official market launch of the new Audi A8 isn't until September, unfortunately. The debut model will be the 4.2-litre variant referred to in the above information, which will be priced at $225,904. A turbo-diesel 3.0-litre variant will also follow later this year showcasing a 184kW V6, that is said to consume just 6.6L/100km. A turbo-diesel 4.2-litre V8 will also be presented in early 2011.

Look out for our full review of the new Audi A8 in the very near future for further information and a comprehensive interpretation.