BMW 335i Sedan

If you remember a few weeks back I mentioned BMW Australia's plans to introduce the all new Twin Turbo BMW 335i Coupe. Well BMW Australia also announced recently that the sedan version of the 335i, the BMW 335i Sedan, is going to be making its way down under come December.
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Both the coupe and the sedan are powered by BMW's very latest engine technology that BMW promises is not only powerful but due to the twin turbo setup there will be no turbo lag and use far less fuel than a conventional turbo engine.

With 35 kW and 100 Nm more performance than the BMW 330i Sedan, the 225 kW straight six 3.0-litre engine in the 335i, delivers a massive 400 Nm of torque across a vast plateau stretching from 1,300 rpm to 5,000rpm. The car gets up to a electronically limited 250km/hr.

The new BMW 335i Sedan is priced at $104,000 AUD. The BMW 335i Sedan is 0.8 seconds quicker from 0-100 km/h than the 330i Sedan, getting there in just 5.8 seconds. When you think about it, that isn't really that fast given that a stock 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX will do the dash in the same time.. and it only costs $41,000!

The more interesting aspect of the 335i is the fuel consumption figures which sit for the combined cycle, around 9.6 L/00 km. So since I have taken the challenge to compare this car to the likes of the WRX and even the Mazda 6 MPS, what does the BMW give us handling wise? Well thanks to its lightweight engine, the BMW 335i Sedan is blessed with claimed deft handling and perfect 50/50 weight distribution for better cornering ability.

BMW 335i Sedan

So okay, you must be thinking why I am not taking a liking to the twin turbo charged 335i? Well, one of the reasons is because the car comes in automatic transmission guise only! Yes, an automatic. Whats wrong with the world! At least the six-speed gearbox is not too bad and it's controlled both by the traditional Steptronic shifter and a set of smart chromed steering wheel mounted paddles.

Other cool features of the beamer include

  • innovative and safety-focused High Beam Assist, which automatically activates and de-actives high beam where required, is fitted as standard to the BMW 335i Sedan,
  • Professional Navigation,
  • TV tuner and Voice Recognition controls,
  • Bluetooth mobile phone preparation.

The 335i is also optionally available with a BMW M Sport Package, bringing more sporting suspension settings, M Aerodynamic body kit and M interior features such as M sport seats and interior trim, while riding on 17-inch light alloy wheels. M Sport tailpipes also gain a chrome finisher.

BMW 335i Sedan Back

For the first time in Australia, BMW 3 Series Sedan buyers can also now opt for a powerful and refined four-cylinder turbo-diesel variant.BMW will offer three six-cylinder petrol engine models of the all new 3 Series Coupe by year’s end, headed by the 335i Coupé.

The arrival of the 335i Sedan in Australia confirms the BMW 3 Series as the most dynamic car in the class it created more than 30 years ago,” says Tom Noble, General Manager, Marketing at BMW Group Australia.“With its cutting edge engineering innovation, high power output combined with frugal fuel consumption, the 335i is the only choice for the most sophisticated sporting drivers of luxury compact cars.“We expect the 335i Sedan will make its mark in Australia out of the box, as one of the fastest, most refined and dynamically enhanced cars available.”