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by Brett Davis

The Australian Government announced a national recall yesterday that affects Land Rover Discovery 3 TDV6 and Range Rover Sport TDV6 models, produced between June 2004 and June 2009.

The problem is down to a brake circuit issue. Affected vehicle drivers may experience a hard brake pedal feel and even an increased stopping distance. In extreme cases there’s also said to be the possibility of a reduction in braking performance on one particular wheel or side of the car.

Government reports say engine oil is being sucked up a vacuum hose that is connected to the brake booster. Once oil has made its way into the non-return valve, certain blockages may occur resulting in increased hardness of the brake pedal. If it becomes really bad, the oil is drawn all the way into the reservoir and could continue to stream down into a specific brake circuit.

Affected vehicle chassis numbers are:

Land Rover Discovery 3: LA000005 – LA513325
Range Rover Sport: LS900002 – LS999999 and LS100000 – LS215618

If your car fits any of these descriptions, the government report suggests to contact your local Land Rover dealer.