Audi won't be keeping the V10 alive into the 2020s, with its performance arm instead opting for pure-electric power going forward.
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Audi's current R8 is something of an anachronism, running with a naturally-aspirated V10 engine as rivals move to downsized, turbocharged motors. The next-generation won't be, based on a new report from Europe.

According to CAR, the the upcoming electric supercar will be called the E-Tron GTR. It's likely to make 500kW of power, and rely on a 95kWh battery pack good for around 500km on a full charge. Oh, and it'll be compatible with wireless charging.

The run to 100km/h will hover around the two second mark, according to the report. That's fast in anyone's language.

Although unproven, the CAR story matches what the folks at Automobile reported last month. The US publication suggested two cars based on the Porsche Taycan's underpinnings would wear the four rings on their nose, an e-tron GT and GTR.

"Audi Sport must have e-mobility, and our icons for the brand must become electric. We are in discussions regarding the sporty cars and the RS vehicles – they will need a change towards e-mobility," Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler, Audi Sport research and development chief, told CAR.

"The e-Tron GT will come towards the end of 2020 – that’s the first step. Electrically, you can control things more, and have more of an emotional influence on driving behaviour."