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by Brett Davis

Putting a name to a face may be a simple turn of phrase, but we suspect the guys at Mercedes have looked a bit further into it with this. The LAPV 6.X is the ideal name for their latest off-road concept because it actually means Light Armed Patrol Vehicle. Light armed? As opposed to an actual tank. It’s based on the already Chuck Norris-conquering LAPV 5.4.

Got a flat tyre? In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Doorn’t worry”. The LAPV 6.X has an individual tyre inflation system which is also able to detect ground conditions and adjust to them automatically, on the go, for best traction.

Fear you’re getting lost? Again, the LAPV 6.X will get you there thanks to its military-grade satellite navigation system that includes integrated communication for UHF or VHF bands including a mobile Tetrapol base station for radio coverage out-of-range. It also incorporates a jamming system in case an individual – or army – tries to infiltrate your progress.

Too steep? Unless the hill you’re about to climb has an approach angle steeper than 50 degrees, the nose won’t scrape. Even if it does, the Earth will come off second best to the Merc’s reinforced, land mine resistant, under body protective plating.

The LAPV 6.X may only be powered by a yawn-causing yet unforgiving diesel engine, the high-torque gearing and natural low-end grunt of the common-rail oil burner will steam along, or through, anything at up to 150km/h. And it’ll carry up to 1300kg worth of… ammunition or, large-scale, express Earth-shifting equipment while it’s at it.

There’s also nearly 18 inches of ground clearance, that is adjustable of course, and hydraulic ventilated disc brakes for those avalanche-riding descents.

The car/extreme off-road vehicle was unveiled at Eurosatory 2010 in France a few weeks ago. The show is dedicated to all things in security and defense on an international scale; the LAPV 6.X fit right in.