Emojis coming to Queensland numberplates

That's right, you'll soon be able to add a smiley to your ideal plate configuration in Queensland. Which emoji would you choose, and why?
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Queensland drivers could soon be staring at an emoji on the back of another car, with the state allowing five faces on its latest range of personalised plates.

Announced with an Instagram post, drivers will be able to add a classic smiley, a 'laughing cry' face, a 'heart-eyes' face, a winking face, and the cool, sunglass-wearing emoji. Unfortunately the smiling pile of poo, eggplant and peach won't be offered...

You'll be able to mix a maximum of five characters - three letter, two numbers – with the emoji, which sits on the end of the sequence. The faces aren't actually a part of the registration, of course, they're just an image at the end.

This isn't the first time a state has been creative with its plate offerings. Victoria offers AFL-themed plates, for example, while there are plates designed to mimic your car's grille on offer in Queensland.

Emoji plate prices start at $85 and run through to $475, depending on your configuration.

To celebrate the launch, Personalised Plates Queensland is holding a competition to win an iPhone XS Max. The most creative plate wins.