Automaker stops all production at its Gunma factory due to a faulty electric steering part fitted to its Forester, Impreza and XV models.
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Although the faulty component only affects those three models, Subaru has halted production of the Liberty, Outback, WRX, Levorg, BRZ and Toyota 86 as well because all these vehicles use the same body assembly line.

According to the company's initial investigation, cars produced between late December 2018 and January 16 this year were fitted with this faulty component.

Subaru says when the component malfunctions, the steering control light on the dashboard switches on, and power assistance ends, making the wheel much heavier than normal.

The company advises customers who experience this problem to "stop driving immediately [and] contact your local Subaru dealer".

The automaker hasn't revealed how many cars have been fitted with this defective component, but the number may be lower than normal due to a holiday production shutdown between December 29 and January 6.

It's also unknown when production at the Gunma factory will resume. The company's factory in Lafayette, Indiana is believed to be unaffected.


Subaru Australia has confirmed "no vehicles in customers hands or in Australian dealer stock are affected", and is currently "awaiting advice regarding production resumption".