If 272kW and 510Nm isn't enough, there might be another G70 coming to tempt you.
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The Genesis G70 is no slouch, especially with its 272kW/510Nm 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6, but a more hardcore version could be on its way.

"A big effort with the [Genesis] G70 was thermal management, to make sure that this car will hold up," Mike O'Brien, the head of product planning for Hyundai USA, told Road & Track during a discussion about the Veloster N and how it was designed to withstand long track sessions.

Although he didn't explicitly state whether a high-performance variant has been approved, O'Brien noted "we're building for the future".

Should such a model come about, it's unclear if it will feature Hyundai's N branding or use something different. According to O'Brien, Genesis is still in the process of working out what any future performance variants will be named.

The aforementioned focus on thermal management, O'Brien stated, has been particularly intense since Albert Biermann joined Hyundai from BMW's M division.

Biermann was recently promoted to be head of research and development at the Hyundai Motor Group after running the brand's N division for a few years.

Although Hyundai is placing a greater emphasis on its motorsports activities, as evidenced by the just-unveiled Veloster N TCR, O'Brien says it's "way too early to speculate" on whether Genesis will go down a similar path.

He did concede "we need to build awareness and excitement around" both the core Hyundai marque, as well as Genesis.