New Models 2nd Half 2006

CarsGuide put up an interesting article regarding the upcoming models for the rest of the year. The more interesting things to note from the article is the idea that the large car segment is set to increase its share with the launch of the new Holden VE Commodore and the Toyota Camry. Nonetheless, I am a little pesimistic about these predictions.
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Honestly guys (and girls), there is no reason you need to buy a Holden Commodore in this day and age, the money you spend on a brand new VE Commodore can be spent better elsewhere. The market predictions are taking into account fleet sales, the family or big-car segment depends so much on fleet sales its not funny. I urge all Australians who are looking to buy a new car to invest a little time and effort into checking out new models from other manufacturers.

The new Toyota Camry is worth a look, sure its only powered by a 4 Cylinder engine, but if you are after a car that will get you from A to B and has some room, its the one you want. Why buy a Ford Falcon? Why buy a Holden Commodore? Sure you get the extra 60kw or so out of the car compared to a camry, but you pay for it at the bowser, and if that wasn't enough, everyone should know by now that Commodores and Falcon lose a good 30% of their value within the first year! Do you want that sort of depriciation on your brand new car?

Okay I'll stop ranting, but really though, check out all these new cars coming out before the end of the year:

Spider convertible in November.

Q7 4WD in September;
RS 4 Avant in October;
A8 4.2 FSI in October;
S6 in November;
S8 in December.

3 Series coupe in October;
X3 small SUV facelift is due in December;
Z4 coupe in October priced at $87,900 for the 3.0-litre and reaching $127,200 for the M version coupe;
The M6 convertible is expected to cost $290,000-$295,000 and arrive in December.

Dodge Caliber from under $25,000, this month.


C6 in October, up to $90,000.

599 GTB Fiorano at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, priced from $650,000.

BF Falcon II in October.

Captiva 4WD, later this year;
Statesman in September.

VE range later this month.

Legend luxury sedan in September.

Elantra sedan at the end of this month;
Santa Fe diesel in October.

Sportage diesel, Sorento diesel and short wheelbase Carnival before the end of the year.

RX400 hybrid 4WD in September;
LS460 sedan featuring world's first eight-speed transmission and a 4.6-litre, V8 engine in November.

MX-5 Roadster coupe, under $50,000 in October;
CX-7 two models, under $50,000 in November;
Mazda6 Diesel in November.

Colt Cabriolet in October;
Pajero in October;
Triton 4x2 in October;
Outlander later this year.

E-Class in September. The E500 range will get a new V8 engine and the 63, AMG's new performance engine will replace the 55 across the range;
GL-Class large 4WD in November;
ML280 diesel 4WD due in September.

307 HDi automatic this month. Automatic hatch will be priced at $34,790, while the Touring will be $36,490.

911 turbo in August, priced at $327,000;
GT3 will follow priced at $253,200;
2.7-litre Cayman is expected around October at $118,000.

Liberty in September;
Outback in September;
Tribeca large 4WD in November.

Swift Sport in September.


Aurion V6 in November.

XC90 diesel this month followed by 4.4-litre V8 petrol version in October;
C70 hard-top convertible in October priced from $69,950;
C30 baby car early next year.

Touareg 4WD due later this year.