Spyker C8 Aileron company launch pad

The guys who bought Saab Automobile, Spyker Cars, are looking to expand their business by selling seven times their current turnover within the next two years. The C8 Aileron is the car they're using to help achieve these goals.
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Spyker sales manager, Peter van Rooy, said in a recent interview that Spyker hopes to deliver 250 C8 Ailerons in 2012. This is a fair hike compared to where they're at now. Spyker sold just 36 cars last year and has sold a total of 214 since the company first began offering models to the public in 2004.

Spyker is hoping to reduce the cost of making the C8 Aileron though by handing production of the car over to CAPP Manufacturing Ltd. in England. They also hope to tap into the American market by offering an automatic transmission option. This will allow the C8 Aileron to be built in a more cost effective manner and thus display a more friendly price tag. It'll also be about producing a car that can be lived with everyday.

“This car is much more comfortable and more modern,” Peter van Rooy said. “It won't be bought as an owner's sixth or seventh collector's item. People will probably be putting more miles on this one.”

The first C8 Aileron to be delivered will be a tailor-made, $370,000 silver and white version with turquoise leather seats. The keys for it are expected to be handed over in late July to a Russian billionaire, Peter van Rooy said.