5-Year Waiting List For Aston Martin DBS

The car so beautiful we decided to drape our new website with - the Aston Martin DBS - reportedly now has a waiting list of five years.
Aston Martin DBS 2007
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Enthusiasts caught their first glimpse of the new DBS in the latest Bond flick where it endured the shortest car chase scene in history followed by the most roll-overs in history - far from the most flattering entrance.

However eager buyers flocking to be the proud new owner of the most stunning car in world may have to wait up to five years, with Aston Martin reportedly receiving 1,500 orders for the car and having the capacity to produce only 300 cars per year.

Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez has said they are exploring ways to increase production volumes to keep customers happy and prevent them from defecting to other competing car makers.

The current delay could also see future models delayed or outsourced, such as the four-door Rapide model previously scheduled for manufacturing in 2009 or 2010, which could be outsourced to allow for orders of the DBS to be fulfilled.

Source: LeftLaneNews