Lexus LC500h recalled

Improper ECU programming could cause hybrid coupes to exhibit power loss while driving.
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Lexus Australia has issued a recall for its LC500h hybrid sports car, over concerns a faulty ECU could cause loss of power.

The luxury marque reports improper programming in the ECU controlling both the hybrid system and transmission may not shift gears "within the required time period" when the "accelerator pedal is depressed quickly during normal driving conditions".

If the condition occurs, warning lights will illuminate in the driver's instrument cluster and the hybrid system will shut down, resulting in the loss of power. Lexus says power loss at higher speeds can pose a significant hazard and increase the risk of a crash.

There are 23 units affected by this recall – a VIN list is available here. Affected LC500h models were produced between 27 March 2017 and 11 July 2018.

Owners of the recalled vehicles will be contacted directly by Lexus Australia, and advised to schedule an appointment with their local dealer to have their LC500h inspected and repaired.

For more information, contact 1800 023 009.