Mercedes-Benz GL, GLE, GLS, ML recalled

Several SUV model lines could have oil leaks.
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Mercedes-Benz Australia has recalled its ML, GL, GLE and GLS model lines over concerns certain vehicles could spring oil leaks.

The manufacturer reports that oil foam may develop "under dynamic operating conditions" in the oil reservoir of affected vehicles, if the oil level drops too low.

If the condition occurs, it may cause oil to escape via the ventilation boxes in the cap of the reservoir. Should oil leak, it could come into contact with hot parts of the exhaust system, posing a fire risk.

Affected vehicles were sold from 1 February 2012 through 31 August 2016 – a VIN list is attached here.

Owners are advised to contact their local Mercedes-Benz dealer and arrange the inspection of their vehicle, with any required repairs to be carried out free of charge.