Demon v ZL1 v ZR1 track battle - video

Chevrolet's hottest Corvette and Camaro take on the demonic Dodge. Which comes out on top?
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Chevrolet and Dodge have had some epic muscle car battles over the years – think Corvette and Viper for example.

With the Viper gone, Dodge's flagship performance models have been SRT versions of the Challenger coupe, the most potent version being the Demon.

In the Chevrolet corner, meanwhile, the General Motors subsidiary has maintained its two-pronged attack with the Corvette and Camaro. At the top of each model family are the ZR1 and ZL1 respectively, both long-running halo designations for each line.

In this latest video, Top Gear pits the Corvette ZR1 and Camaro ZL1 against the Dodge Demon, together producing a combined 2245bhp (1674kW) from their supercharged V8s.

Which of these flagship American supercars comes out on top? Watch the video below to find out: