Could this mean the Mondeo will get a high-riding variant too?
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The Ford Fusion sedan will die at the turn of the decade, but its nameplate could live on as a high-riding Subaru Outback rival, according to a new report.

Industry journal Automotive News claims "people familiar with the automaker's plans" have indicated the current sedan will be replaced by a "high-roofed hatchback" based on the same underpinnings.

Ford announced in April that it would be killing all of its current passenger car model lines in North America bar the Mustang and Focus Active, with 90 per cent of its offerings by 2020 to be "trucks, utilities and commercial vehicles".

The report claims that the Blue Oval's American dealers have pushed to retain the Fusion nameplate, which just a few years ago was selling so well that Ford had to add an additional manufacturing facility to cater for the model's high demand.

In 2014 the Fusion's sales peaked at 306,860 units, though 2017 saw that figure fall by 32 per cent to 209,623 vehicles – largely due to the American market's growing taste for pickup trucks.

Mike Levine, a spokesperson for Ford, hinted the Fusion name would live on though wouldn't speculate on what form a future iteration would take.

"We'll likely continue to use the name because of its awareness, positive imagery and value with consumers," he told Automotive News.

Ford's North American arm hasn't offered a wagon since the Taurus X, which ceased production way back in 2009.

However, during the announcement regarding the brand's new focus on SUVs and pickups, Jim Farley, Ford's president of global markets, hinted that a crossover wagon could be in the pipeline, saying the company will offer a "growing variety" of "utility body styles".

With that in mind, that could mean a crossover wagon is in the works for the related Mondeo offered here and throughout Europe, a body style that hasn't yet been offered.

However, with nothing confirmed at this stage, we'll wait for an official announcement. Stay tuned.