Call upon your car and it'll park itself.
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Tesla has wirelessly added its 'Summon' functionality to the Model 3, allowing owners of the affordable electric baby to remotely park their cars in tight spaces.

The news was revealed on Twitter, but it wasn't announced on Elon Musk's feed. Instead, Tesla tweeted a video of an owner remotely parking his Model 3 in a very skinny garage, and said "Summon now available in Model 3".

Elon Musk did get involved, responding to the original tweet with "Note, no one is in the car or controlling remotely. Car is driving entirely by itself".

The system, which debuted on the Model S in February 2016, allows owners to get out of their car and press a button on their key (or, presumably, their unlocking phone app with the Model 3), at which point the car will roll forward into its parking space. It'll even close or open your garage door.

You're also able to walk out your front door and call upon the car, which subsequently rolls forth and meets them.

Owners need to be within three metres of the car to operate the function, although the intended parking space can be as far as 10 metres away.

Tesla says it isn't flawless (surprise surprise), and obstacles like bikes hanging on the roof (or sitting on the floor) might not be picked up. It can also only be used on flat surfaces.

The news comes after Tesla confirmed it's successfully built 5000 Model 3s in a week, completing one of Elon Musk's goals in the process. Around 20 per cent of those cars were built in a tent set up in the brand's Fremont factory parking lot, while engineers have made on-the-fly changes to the underbody welding process to save time.