Living the high life in a big, brutal V8 off- (or on-) roader
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Customisation is in vogue at the moment, but choice can be seriously confusing. In our new configurator challenge, we’re going to let the CarAdvice team loose on a manufacturer’s website to create their ideal spec of a certain model.

For this edition of the Configurator Challenge, we’re designing our perfect Mercedes-AMG G63.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and which cars you’d like to see next!

James Wong, Journalist

The G-Wagen is a guilty pleasure of mine, it's totally over-the-top but it's so gangster cool. I'm a lover of old-meets-new designs too, and this is a perfect example of how old-school designs can still be cool.

For the exterior, I've ticked Emerald Green metallic – because green. Filling the arches are massive 22-inch AMG cross-spoke forged wheels in matte black with "a high-sheen flange" – which are included as part of the optional Night Package.

It's no secret that green is my favourite colour, and I feel like there are too many Kardashians, Instagram models and yummy mummies that get these in white or black.

Other additions as part of the Night Package include darkened lights and indicators, black mirrors and spare wheel ring, bumper trim elements finished in black, and black exterior protective strips.

I've also added the AMG Enhancement Package, which not only raises the top speed from a lowly 220km/h to 240km/h, but also brings a carbon-fibre engine cover – you can never have too much carbon-fibre.

Speaking of that weave – no, not my wig – there's AMG carbon-fibre trim on the inside, too, emphasising the G63's performance capabilities. Contrasting with the racy inserts is Macchiato Beige nappa leather trim combined with Espresso Brown hide on the dashboard. No black jeans, please.

I've added the Active Multicontour Seats for extra comfort, which also add ventilation, and Exclusive Interior Plus which brings the aforementioned nappa leather with diamond quilting and perforation. Finally, there's red brake calipers and a Dinamica microfibre/carbon-fibre steering wheel.

That's a total of $32,600 in options, making for a list price of $280,300 before on-roads. Dad, can I have that loan now?

Adam 'AK' Morris, Contributor

I’m going to start off by letting you know I bloody love these things. I’m not much of an SUV guy but a G63 is very high on my list of wants. This, a Cayman GT4 and an old school 911 and you have my perfect three-car garage.

But back to reality and on to the G63 configurations. I’ve firstly selected the Night Package with darkened indicators, tail-lights and headlights, exterior mirror housings painted in obsidian black, spare wheel ring painted in obsidian black, trim elements in the bumper painted in obsidian black, under guard painted in obsidian black and exterior protective strip with trim insert in black.

Colour wise, to match the Night Package, it has to be designo Platinum Magno. There’s so much going on with details and design of the G63, I think a satin finish both accentuates the overall essence of the car (truck) while subduing its grandiose design. It becomes quite busy and showy with a gloss finish.

Hidden behind the 22-inch AMG cross-spoke forged wheels, painted in matte black with a high-sheen flange, are silver brake callipers. Again, a subtle matt finish to subdue the overall message but with the high-sheen flange because really, we all need some high-sheen flange in our lives.

The AMG enhancement package was a must as battling with Sydney and Newcastle traffic, I just wouldn’t be able to live with out the 240km/h top speed.

I’ve gone with the two-tone nappa leather in the classic red/black inside. The black exudes sophistication while the red adds just the right amount of fun and energy.

I’m not usually a fan of timber features in an interior but the designo Black fiddleback open-pore ash wood trim is a lovely acknowledgment to the history of the G-Class and again, its satin finish compliments the exterior.

There you have it. It'll go perfectly with the white GT4 and silver 1970's 911.

Kez Casey, Road Tester

Edition 1? Nope, too relentlessly sporty. Murdered-out spec? Hmm, too goth. But this one is just right, and since you were wondering this Goldilocks amongst G63s has achieved that level of perfection thanks to its impossibly gorgeous Rubellite Red metallic paint.

To help set the seductive tone AMG’s Night Package ($5900) tints almost every bit of brightwork some shade of black and treats the 22-inch rollers to a matte-black finish with a high-sheen lip.

Since boy raciness is strictly off the cards for this one, the interior can only wear Macchiato beige and Espresso brown nappa leather liberally applied to the dash and doors (Exclusive Interior Plus, $10,300) in conjunction with multi-contour heated and cooled seats ($5900). Things that aren’t coated in leather get – go on, guess – yeah, Designo piano black lacquer ($1800).

Call me crazy, but there’s no need to option the AMG Enhancement Package which lifts the limited top speed from 215 km/h to 240 km/h, that’s how fools and their money get parted ($4000 saved there). Aussie autobahns are the stuff of fantasy and if you put one of these of a racetrack you’ve got rocks in your head… Funnily enough the same applies if you try to hop rocks in one, they’re mostly ornamental.

I couldn’t see a tow bar on the options list either. That would go along way to convincing myself that one of these with a caravan would be better than a bricks and mortar house, and at over $271,000 as optioned no properly market in metropolitan Australia comes close to matching that kind of value.

Scott Collie, Journalist

I'm not really a G63 fan. Give me a G-Professional any day, please. Anyway, if someone held a gun to my head – not beyond the realm of possibility for the average AMG G63 owner – and told me to order one, this is how it'd be done.

Like most German offerings, the Mercedes-AMG colour palette is as thrilling as watching paint grow or grass dry, so a metallic grey was the best option for the exterior. I'm actually quite partial to the stock wheels, but there's something irresistible about these spindly-spoked 22-inch chrome units.

If we're doing this thing, we're doing it properly, so there's all the chrome you could ever want on the outside.

Behind the wheel, I've gone for subtle and sophisticated. Pale cream leather seats – diamond quilted, naturally – contrasts nicely with the gloss-black dashboard and gloss-black steering wheel inserts.

Those front seats are heated and cooled, and even offer massage functionality if you're feeling stressed. I'd imagine there's nothing like off-roading while getting a massage, not that many owners are ever likely to leave the beaten track.

So there, that's my G63. Now, about that G-Professional?

Melissa Ong, Community Manager

After configuring this car, now I know how its like to be the 15-year old with sass on the Dr Phil show now. "Mum, I said I wanted a G-wagennnnn. I don't want a Toyota."

Starting on the exterior, I have gone the fancy designo Diamond White Bright with the 22-inch matte black/red rims. Like most of the others, I have also taken the AMG Night Package which includes sports stripes, black mirror housing and black-frosted light lenses.

The Night Package has also dressed up the interior with matching carbon-fibre red trimmings, and red/black nappa leather.

The only other optional extras I'll include are the rubber floor mats, heated steering wheel and the AMG Enhancement Package. The top speed increases to 240km/h and I get a carbon-fibre engine cover. Mercedes can keep the mud flaps, because I'm on a tight budget.

I won't lie, I love how the G-Wagen looks but I can think of many other AMGs more suited to me... like the GT.

Oh how life must be when you're ballin' in Balwyn...