How two iconic badges became one for 2018
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Brabham Automotive has unveiled (and priced) its BT62 supercar, but it's not done explaining the history behind the name.

Most motoring enthusiasts would be familiar with Sir Jack Brabham, three-time Formula 1 world champion and the only man to win a world title in a car of his own design.

His son, David, has brought the name back to life on the BT62, the first car to wear a Brabham badge in more than 25 years. As for what that badge looks like? Well, the video above provides a few clues as to how its design was chosen.

It's based on the 'V' featured on the nose of Jack Brabham's championship-winning racers from the 1960s, blended with the fangs from the 'Hissing Sid' emblem fitted to Ecclestone-era cars.

Don't tell the company, but the end result reminds us of Mugatu from Zoolander. Will Ferrell, you have a lot to answer for.

The BT62 name, meanwhile, is designed to continue the strategy adopted by Jack Brabham on the BT1 in 1961. Just 70 examples of the BT62 will be built, with profits to be fed back into developing race cars on the same platform. Here's hoping we see the badge in competitive racing soon.

Check out the video above for a quick visual explainer of the badge.