Two very different takes on the endurance racing formula

Killed young, the 919 Hybrid might never reach legend status alongside the likes of the 956, but that hasn't stopped Porsche rolling both cars out side-by-side.

Last week, the company used the VLN 24 Hour race to show off its now-defunct hybrid racer at a 25.2-kilometre lap around the combined Grand Prix and Nordschleife circuit.

The 919 Hybrid Evo, for those playing along at home, is a Le Mans racer without any FIA rules holding it back. Compared to the 'regular' 919 racer, the petrol engine has been boosted by around 160kW and the electric motor is up 30kW, for a combined output somewhere north of 750kW.

Along with the boosted powertrain, there's a new aerodynamics package for 53 per cent more downforce than before and 66 per cent better overall efficiency.