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2019 Toyota Supra interior spied

BMW-sourced parts dominate new coupe's cabin
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The interior of the upcoming Toyota Supra has been spied during testing on the Nurburgring.

Earlier prototypes had interiors where almost every uncovered element was lifted from the BMW parts bin, including the transmission shifter, iDrive controller, switches, steering wheel, and infotainment screen.

In these shots of the latest development vehicle, we can see the instrumentation area is almost completely of Toyota's own design with a large analog tachometer complemented by multi-segment digital readouts for road and engine speed.

There's also a set of retro light bars for the coolant temperature display.

The steering wheel still seems to be a BMW unit, albeit with a Toyota badge fixed into the centre. Other BMW elements include the climate control system, and various button and switches.

This car does seem to feature a gear lever that's different to the usual BMW fare, though.

Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer of Toyota's Gazoo performance division, told CarAdvice at the recent Geneva motor show, the need for a rear-wheel drive platform and a straight-six engine, as well as economics, drove BMW and Toyota's joint development of the next-generation Z4 convertible and Supra coupe.

If spy photos, and the Z4 Concept and GR Supra Racing Concept, are anything to go by the two vehicles will share little externally, except for wing mirrors.

Despite sharing many interior and under-the-skin components, both parties insist the two cars will be tuned differently and handle uniquely.

Unfortunately, these latest photos don't provide any new insight into the look of the final production version of the fifth-generation Supra.