30 percent of Victorian vehicles unsafe: VACC

The VACC has urged motorists to pay more attention to vehicle safety after a recent series of service checks has revealed more than 30 percent of Victorian cars are unsafe.
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Of the 1409 vehicles tested under the Five Point Safety Check – which involves a detailed assessment of the tyres, brakes, lights, steering and restraints – 428 failed. One in five had defective tyres.

VACC executive director, David Purchase, said it was too risky to neglect vehicle safety heading into Easter when increased volume on the road would lead to increased dangers of driving.

“We have had vehicles with metal casing showing through tyres, with brakes screeching, with cracks in alloy wheels, with wheels wobbling, and yet, amazingly, the owner, or driver, has continued to drive the vehicle.“It seems impossible to us that these motorists would not have concluded that something was wrong with their car. Therefore, we can only assume, some motorists are prepared to risk their life, the lives of any occupants and the lives of other road users, rather than have their vehicle repaired.“It is very frustrating that some motorists do nothing about telltale warning signs,” Mr Purchase said.

He said he understood that money was tight for many motorists but insisted that not servicing a car would not lead to any savings.

“An unserviced car will deteriorate, devalue, become unsafe and be more costly to repair in the long run.“Deliberately ignoring signs, sounds and vibrations of an unsafe vehicle is selfish, irresponsible and socially unacceptable,” Mr Purchase said.