Brake Pedal
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The brake pedal is located on the left side of the accelerator pedal and it slows down or stops the vehicle. The brake shoes and friction pads are forced into contact with the brake drums and rotors to slow the rotation of the wheels. The friction between the tires and the road surface then slows the speed of the vehicle. The pedal is solidly mounted to the firewall, and works as a force-multiplying lever. If the power assist fails, the pedal's leverage allows you to generate pounds of pressure at each wheel cylinder. A brake pedal should not sink more than an inch or two, no matter how hard it is pressed with the foot; and the driver should not feel as if he were stepping on a wet sponge: a spongy pedal spells trouble in the braking system. ANY change in the "feel" of your brake pedal should be a cause for serious concern. With brakes, there is NO excuse for poor maintenance.