Nissan will lease its new Leaf electric vehicle in the US at a monthly rate comparable to the cost of leasing a Toyota Prius or Honda Insight.
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It is expected that Nissan will announce pricing of its five-seat hatch by the end of this month, and although early media reports suggest of a figure between ¥3.5 million and ¥4 million (about AUD$42,470 to $48,540), it is now believed the figure could be considerably lower. Japan's Mainichi newspaper suggesting a figure of ¥2.9 million (AUD$36,050) after government-backed EV incentives.

Nissan had originally planned to sell the car and lease the lithium-ion battery, which accounts for most of the vehicle's overall cost, but is now considering a rethink on their strategy in the US market where many customers wish to lease both. Nissan CEO, Mr Carlos Ghosn, says the success of the Leaf will depend largely on its pricing against similarly sized petrol-powered cars.

The Nissan Leaf will hit selected US showrooms in December as the centrepiece of Nissan's plan to become an industry leader in zero-emissions cars.