More news of the weird from the US this afternoon with a Missouri car dealership offering a free shotgun with every new Hummer sold.
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Following the recent slow down in GM sales, the dealership decided to sell guns in the same showroom as its cars. It seems it didn't take long to put two-and-two together.

"There is now real reason to believe that the current inventory on hand at dealers may be the last of the new Hummers, we wanted to send them off with something memorable," said Mr Jim Lynch, owner of Lynch Hummer."Browning and Hummer are prestigious brands and American Icons - bringing them together is a natural fit."The guns have been a huge hit with our Hummer customers and now we are taking the 'Guns and Hummers' concept one step further."

Potential owners must meet the same legal requirements as any prospective gun purchaser before they complete the sale. The free Browning shotguns (valued at AUD$2000) are offered "while stocks last" with the fine print saying "gun rack not included".