Ford Australia has acknowledged an issue with the 2016-17 Focus RS, where excess coolant consumption makes the car produce white smoke under acceleration.
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According to the local division, just one Focus RS is known to be affected in Australia, though more of the circa-1200 units sold locally could potentially be included, too.

In a statement, Damion Smy, product communications manager for Ford's local arm, said:

"Ford is aware that some 2016-17 Focus RS customers have experienced concerns with their engines, which may initially show white exhaust smoke and/or coolant consumption.

We are aware of one case in Australia and we are working globally on a repair for all customers. In the meantime, if a vehicles shows these symptoms, or if any RS customer has a concern, we encourage them to call 13FORD to organize an inspection or repair under warranty."

Ford Australia was quick to stress this isn't a recall, and a notice may never be issued, though the company is encouraging customers to contact their dealer if they experience the fault.

The news comes after a similar issue was reported in the UK this week. Owners claim the physical shape of the engine changes through multiple heat cycles, eventually preventing the head gasket from sealing the engine block to the head effectively.

As a result, some British Focus RS owners have experienced misfire and a smoking exhaust before the engine has reached operating temperature, along with excessive loss of coolant and, in one reported case, a "distorted cylinder head".

If you are experiencing a similar issue with your Focus RS, call Ford Australia's customer care line on 13 3673 (13 FORD).