US Congress continues to apply pressure to Toyota, requesting to see a 2006 memo written by Japanese Toyota workers who were concerned about production quality and vehicle safety.
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The Los Angeles Times earlier this week reported that a letter of concern was sent from Toyota workers to management more than three years ago.

It expressed unease among some of the workers that shortcuts were being taken, including scaled-back testing of vehicles for quality and safety, all in an attempt to keep production high. Toyota reportedly gave no reply to the 2006 memo.

House of Oversight and Government Reform committee Chairman, Edolphus Towns, wrote a letter to Toyota North America President, Yoshimi Inaba, asking for a copy of the memo by Wednesday March 10, American time.

“If senior Toyota officials ignored important safety concerns raised by their own employees, it calls into question Toyota’s corporate priorities and its commitment to safety,” Mr Towns wrote.“As part of this inquiry, the committee is looking into whether Toyota ignored important warnings, such as the reported safety memo, regarding the safety of its vehicles.”

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