Win $500, see and hear the Hyunda i30 N, plus, how much power does the Kia Stinger make on a dyno?
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At CarAdvice, we love to engage with our readers, which is why we're kicking off a live streamed panel show that you'll be able to participate in.

On the first Wednesday of each month Panel Beaters will go live at 8PM to cover the latest car news and give you exclusive content, led by a panel of industry experts.

We'll be calling on you to provide comments, ask questions and even join us in the studio for future episodes!

Our debut episode will feature a stack of content to keep you busy:

  • See and hear the Hyundai i30 N in studio with our panel
  • Stinger v Commodore — is the Kia really a successor to the homegrown Aussie sports car?
  • The latest car news from the industry
  • Win $500 cash by guessing the power and torque output at the wheels of our Kia Stinger — you'll be surprised!

You can tune in to Panel Beaters live on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope or right here at the CarAdvice website. Your panel this week will include Paul Maric, Trent Nikolic and Jez Spinks.

Catch Panel Beaters live on the first Wednesday of each month at 8PM AEDT.