Alpine has unveiled a racetrack-ready version of its upcoming sports car. The A110 Cup is a stripped, caged version of the as-yet unreleased A110, set to take part in a one-make race series on the racetracks of Europe.
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Changes on the Cup start with its turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which makes 201kW of power, compared to the regular road car’s 185kW. The racer will weigh just 1050kg, too, which should make for punchy performance.

Power is put to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential transmission, while a limited-slip differential helps keep the grunt in check.

Ohlins shock absorbers have been fitted at all four corners, and allow drivers to adjust compression and rebound to suit the circuit they’re on. The car sits 40mm lower than standard, to better make use of the grippy slick tyres, too.

Inside, the cabin has been stripped back to bare essentials. The driver sits in a Sabelt race seat, clasped by a six-point harness. Along with the seat and harnesses, there’s an automatic fire extinguisher, dry battery and a kill switch in the cabin, to make sure the car is safe enough to handle the rigours of racing.

The XAP steering wheel is fitted with paddle shifters, and the standard instrument cluster has been turfed in favour of a digital race readout.

Entry to the A110 Cup club doesn't come cheap. You'll pay €100,000 ($152,000) for the car, with around 20 to be built ahead of the 2017 season.

Owners will compete in the Alpine A110 Cup. It's a fully FIA-approved series, run over six race weekends in five different countries. Each race weekend will have two half-hour practice sessions, two half-hour qualifying sessions and an hour worth of racing.

Winners will share in a pool of 'more than' €160,000 ($243,600).