2019 Hyundai Kona EV spied

The upcoming Hyundai Kona EV, due to be revealed sometime next year, has been spied this week during testing in Europe.
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The EV retains the overall look and shape of the combustion-powered Kona that recently hit the market, though there appears to be a different front grille and new alloy wheels to distinguish it as a 'green' model.

The vehicle in the images was spotted while recharging, revealing the frontal placement of the charge port. With that in mind, expect a different grille to feature on the EV, likely a closed unit similar to that on the electric version of the Hyundai Ioniq – as there is no engine that needs air for cooling.

Other than new alloy wheel designs, however, there are no distinct design changes visible through the heavy camouflage of this prototype

In terms of powertrain and driving range, Hyundai revealed at the international launch of the regular Kona that it was targeting an all-electric range comparable to a conventional petrol vehicle – a figure of 'over 390km' was mentioned.

Additionally, reports claim a long-range version will be offered, with a rumoured range of up to 500 kilometres. Battery capacity is said to be between 39kWh and 64kWh. The Ioniq EV, by comparison, uses a 28kWh lithium-ion battery pack and claims a range of 270km.

The Kona EV is expected to be revealed sometime in 2018, forming part of the 14 green models Hyundai plans to release globally by 2020. In addition to the EV, the Kona should get a hydrogen fuel-cell variant as well.


During the Kona's reveal in Seoul earlier this year, Hyundai Australia's general manager for external affairs, Bill Thomas, said the local arm would "definitely look at" bringing the Kona EV Down Under.

"A range of 390km is something no one else has at that end of the market," he said, adding that there has already been strong interest from government fleets in the Ioniq EV.

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