Ferrari's first ever hybrid is on show at the Geneva International Motor Show, the Ferrari 599 HY-KERS vettura laboratorio. Fuel consumption and emissions have been reduced by 35 per cent at no cost to performance and driving enjoyment.
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Ferrari's hybrid projects main reason for being is to ensure Ferrari will be able to continue to produce cars that adhere to future CO2 emission standards.

With an advanced lightweight hybrid drivetrain incorporated into the 599 GTB Fiorano, vehicle dynamics are unaffected. This has been achieved by positioning the extra components below the centre of gravity. Interior space has been unaffected as well as luggage space, the lithium-ion batteries are located below the floorpan. This has resulted in the car having a lower centre of gravity than the car it is based on.

The electric motor has been designed with F1 technology to help improve the longitudinal and lateral dynamics of the car as well as enhancing traction and braking balance. The cooling and lubrication system is unique and is able to operate in high temperatures and loads.

The compact tri-phase electric motor weighs 40 kg and is coupled to the rear of the duel clutch seven speed F1 transmission. The power is seamless and instantaneous between the electric motor and the V12. The electric motor produces more than 74kW, Ferrari's goal was to offset every kg increase with an gain of at-least one hp (0.74kW).

Like most hybrids these days braking helps re-charge the batteries. Ferrari have used F1 experience to develop a dedicated electronics module to control the braking/re-charginge phase. This module also powers the ancillaries via an engine mounted generator when running at 100 percent electric drive.