Beijing is reportedly trialling a system that can detect, triangulate and identify drivers who toot their car horns too much.
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The system is currently being installed and tested at various key areas throughout the Chinese capital, including the Peking Union Medical College Hospital (above).

Li Jianfeng, deputy director of the Scientific and Technical Information Department at the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, told Beijing Youth Daily (via China Daily): "The detectors consist of three parts, namely, a microphone array acquisition device, an electronic capture and a LED prompt system.

"Combining the three systems, we can distinguish between the sounds of horns, brakes and engine noise, etc. The detectors can accurately collect honks.

"Even parallel vehicles can also be identified based on their position in each lane; the recognition locator feature can reflect the direction the honks are coming from, so there will be no misjudgment."

Once a car has been identified as emitting a bit too much noise via its horn, the system takes a photo of its licence plate, which is displayed on a nearby sign. The system also begins the process of shooting off a fine of 100 yuan ($19.30) to its owner.

It's not known how long the trial will run for, against what criteria it will be judged, and whether there are plans to roll the system out further within Beijing.

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