UPDATE: The new Polo has now been officially revealed. Details and photos here.
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The new-generation 2018 Volkswagen Polo has been given an unscheduled online unveiling today, hours ahead of its global debut at a special event in Europe.

These photos, surfaced in the European press today and on enthusiast site CarScoops, reveal in clear detail the styling of Volkswagen's embiggened light car.

As previous teasers and spy photos confirmed, the new Polo - shown here in top-shelf GTI and style-focused R-Line form - is notably larger than the model it replaces, although exact numbers are still to come.

Volkswagen has previously compared the new Polo's dimensions to those of the fourth-generation Golf: The Golf 4 rode on a 2512mm wheelbase, while the current Polo has a 2470mm footprint. If the new Polo comes close to the Golf 4's wheelbase, it will mark a significant step up in size.

It is known that the 2018 model uses the shrunken 'A0' version of Volkswagen's MQB platform, which also underpins the new Seat Ibiza in Europe. If the Polo's footprint ends up identical to that of its Spanish cousin, expect a leap to 2564mm - a touch beyond the Golf 4, but still well short of the Golf 7's 2637mm wheelbase.

The new Polo will of course be wider, too, and if we again look to the Ibiza for clues, the little VW should gain around 100mm across the centre.

Watch for everything on the new Polo to be revealed tonight, and catch our earlier coverage below.