Jaguar back at Le Mans

The single most successful British marque in the 24 hour race's history, Jaguar is back for Le Mans in June. With seven wins between 1951 and 1990, it's a fitting announcement, given Jaguar is 75 years old this year.
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Entering a JaguarRSR XKR GT2 (as pictured above), Paul Gentilozzi, Principal Partner, JaguarRSR said he was delighted to be flying the Jaguar flag.

“Spirits will be high around Jaguar’s return to Le Mans but we must remember the incredibly high level of competition - a podium place in our category will not fall into our hands. That said, I can guarantee 100 per cent commitment from JaguarRSR and urge fans of Jaguar and Britain’s racing heritage to support the team whole heartedly.”

It's been 20 years since Jaguar has won a 24 hour Le Mans race, and the reason behind why Jaguar has come back is clearly to promote the "R" series of cars with a link to motorsport.

Says C.J. O'Donnell, Global Marketing Director of Jaguar Cars, “With the introduction of the new XK, XF and XJ, the Jaguar brand has advanced cutting-edge technology, stunning design and our ‘R’ performance driving experience. We now return to motorsport to demonstrate this achievement and the prowess of the Jaguar XKR.”