CarAdvice The Magazine Issue #16

The Magazine Issue #16
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Welcome once again to The Magazine where this month the CarAdvice team have been hard at it driving some of the quickest and most exciting performance based offerings yet to reach Australian shores.

On the allied front we’ve got some of Britain’s finest metal, represented this month by Bentley’s jaw dropping Continental Supersports, Jaguar’s blisteringly quick XK-R and the stunning new Lotus Evora.

France has deployed its pocket-sized Renault Clio RS F1 Team R27 hot hatch to assist the cause while Australia and the US have joined forces to create a cross-pollinated V8 icon, the Holden Commodore SS Ute.

Battling for the axis powers we find Germany pulling out all the stops with Volkswagen’s welterweight Golf GTI ready to join battle with its Czech mate, the ever-ready Skoda’s Octavia RS.

Audi’s TT Coupe leads an assault on the senses for the diesel platoon, while from Japan, Mazda’s white-hot MPS 3 launches a surrender-worthy surprise attack on Australian roads.

If the adrenalin’s a little much for you, the website still boasts our regular treasure trove of news and reviews, but if you’re salivating at the mere thought of a high-speed, four-wheeled rush then look no further than the next ten pages.

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