The Skoda Superb range flagship has received some upgrades, rolling out as we speak.
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Headlining is a superior infotainment system. The old 8.0-inch screen has been ditched in favour of a higher-resolution, flush-glass 9.2-inch unit similar to that in the 'Mk7.5' VW Golf update. The entry 5.0-inch screen in Europe is now 6.5".

There's also updated SmartLink+ software that better mirrors the navigation, infotainment and communication apps from your phone, and in the other direction sends vehicle data to a phone app.


Skoda has also fitted a system called Care Connect which - as with similar systems from BMW and Ford, and more - automatically calls emergency services and sends them GPS data if a restraint system has been triggered, presuming you may be incapacitated. The emergency call can also be initiated manually via a button in the roof module.

Further, remote access to the vehicle is now possible via the Skoda Connect App. The smartphone can inform the driver, among other things, whether the windows and doors are closed or the lights are off.There's also the parking position function that shows the location of the vehicle, while the Honk & Flash function makes it easier to find the car by activating the horn and hazard lights. Red buttons on the key fob are so 2000s...superb-4The 2018 Superb also gets a better Park Distance Control system with an extended function called Manoeuvre Assist, which now detects obstacles in front of the vehicle. The system not only warns the driver but also brakes the vehicle automatically if necessary - AEB for parking.Inside the cabin is also a new (optional) massage function for the driver's seat. There's also a new system called Digital Voice Enhancement, which transmits the driver's and front passenger's voice to the passengers in the rear via a microphone in the cockpit.Additional improvements also contribute to lower noise levels (better NVH suppression) - the front side windows are now available with an acoustic film between the two glass surfaces.2017-skoda-superb-sportline-2AustraliaSkoda Australia says most of these upgrades will lob here in August this year on MY18-badged Superbs, though we'd bet on the emergency services system not being part of the package.The company has enjoyed some success with the current-generation Superb, racking up 1017 sales since the launch in March last year.MORE: Skoda Superb news, reviews, comparisons and videos MORE: Everything Skoda