The Volkswagen Arteon, which goes on sale later this year, will be the brand's flagship sedan outside of China, and, as such, will be fitted with as much as safety technology as possible.
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With its on-sale date looming on the horizon, Volkswagen has begun talking up the Arteon's safety and technology features, including Emergency Assist 2.0, which is able to take over control of the vehicle temporarily if it believes the driver has become incapacitated.

When equipped with Emergency Assist 2.0, the car constantly monitors steering, throttle and brake inputs, and if the driver has been inactive for too long, the system will try to alert the driver via audio and visual cues, as well as brake jolts.


Should the driver remain unresponsive, the car will try to bring itself to an emergency stop, firstly by using the hazard lights and "gentle steering manoeuvres" to alert other road users about the dangerous situation.

Using adaptive cruise control, park assistance, lane keeping assistance, and side assist, the Arteon will then move itself into the nearside lane and then come to a standstill.

An earlier version of the Volkswagen Group's Emergency Assist system was only able to stop the car within its own lane.


The new Arteon is due to go on sale in Europe from mid-June 2017, and will arrive in Australian showrooms from October this year.