Victorian Assistant Commissioner (Traffic and Transit), Ken Lay, has been caught and fined for speeding through Too0borac, a regional town in Victoria west of Seymour.
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Mr Lay was measured by the mobile speed camera travelling at 83km/h in a sign posted 70km/h zone. The three demerit point offence attracts a $245 fine.

According to Mr Lay's own road safety propaganda, his chance of crashing increased by a staggering four times during his reckless encounter with the throttle.

Chief Commissioner Simon Overland and My Lay schemed to keep the speeding fine secret until after the recent Operation RAID, which targeted drink and drug driving.

Mr Lay said, "I knew I couldn't keep it secret, so the decision I needed to make was did I make it [public] mid-November or do I make it early January.

"No doubt I'll be criticised for it, but I think it was a sound decision."

Although this offence was Mr Lay's first conviction in 35 years, he was let off with a warning for another speeding fine five years ago.

What are your thoughts on Mr Lay's most recent speeding offence?