The Volkswagen Amarok Canyon is set to return to the brand’s line-up, with the facelifted version expected to bring a V6 drivetrain at a new, lower price point.
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The off-road-focused Volkswagen Amarok Canyon isn’t likely to be as powerful as the high-end Highline and Ultimate models, though.

Those versions have a 3.0-litre turbo diesel V6 with 165kW of power and 550Nm of torque – the highest outputs of any ute in the class – but the Canyon is expected to have a detuned version of the drivetrain.

The V6 in the Canyon – in Europe at least – has 150kW of power and 500Nm of torque, so it won’t be as quick as the current flagship models, but nor will it be as pricey. It’ll also be available with a six-speed manual gearbox in addition to the eight-speed automatic model standard in the dearer Highline and Ultimate models.


Volkswagen Australia commercial vehicles director Carlos Santos said the primary point of difference for the Canyon is its off-road focus, and its lower ask.

“It’ll be another price point, with some unique features including a slightly smaller alloy wheel, a smaller rim with better off-road tyre,” he said. “So it will be a more off-road capable variant, but still with the comforts of maybe what a Highline would potentially have – but with a tougher look, and a tougher feel.”

The Highline model has 18-inch wheels and the Ultimate has 19s, where the Canyon has 17-inch rims with more rugged rubber.

Volkswagen Australia product marketing manager Nick Reid said the new model will be on sale here in October, and that it will offer a different take on the V6 range than we’ve seen up to now.

“This model continues on the Amarok Canyon brand, which we introduced in 2015. It was a very successful model – not just for Australia but for other markets. And it will add a real balance of premium features but also off-roading ability,” he said.


As for the price, Reid said that can’t be disclosed at this point.

“We’re still finalising the exact position of that car,” he said, but it's almost certain the detuned V6 and a manual gearbox option will bring it closer to the low $50,000s. Currently the cheapest V6 is priced from $59,990.

“There’s a few things we’re negotiating with the factory right now in terms of engine variants. There are other engine variants available in V6 as well. So depending on how we go with those negotiations will determine our strategy.”

The Canyon will be available with unique colour options, and it gets matte black styling changes including sills, sports bar, B-pillars and door handles, as well as available wheel-arch extensions. There’s also a cargo-box and darker tail-lights.

The inside is differentiated from standard models, too, with orange interior highlights and stitching and leather/leatherette trimming on the outer areas of the seats.