October's Tokyo motor show could be the most exciting in years, with reports this week suggesting we could see previews of the next Nissan Z car and Toyota's reborn Supra.
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The new-generation Supra has been a popular topic in the rumour mill since before the JZA80 left us in the early 2000s and, as the 370Z's hair turns silver, talk of a new Z has also been building.

But, while fans of both brands are hungering for new sports heroes, only the Supra has been confirmed - although the name remains up in the air.

As for the Z, Nissan product specialist and Nismo boss Hiroshi Tamura has previously told CarAdvice not to fret for the badge's future, but he offered little in the way of detail on just what we can expect, and when.

MY2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO

According to a new report with American title Car and Driver and Japan's Best Car magazine, Nissan will reveal the first evidence of a new Z in the form of a heroic concept to be revealed at the Tokyo motor show in October.

Both titles claim the concept will wear proportions similar to the 370Z, with a face inspired by the more powerful GT-R and the brand's wider new-generation range.

A shorter wheelbase is expected, although the reports also suggest it will use the FR-L (front engine, rear drive, large) architecture that underpins the new Q60, continuing the relationship that existed between the 370Z and the previous G37/Q60, which rode on the FM platform.

The Q60's platform will need to be dramatically reduced in length, because the new Q60's wheelbase measures 2850mm while the 370Z's footprint is 2550mm - itself down from the 350Z's 2649mm wheelbase.


Power would of course be provided by the twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 engine that drives variants of the Infiniti Q60 and Q50, available in 298kW/475Nm and 224kW/400Nm forms.

Still, with Nissan previously cagey on when we'll see a new Z, it remains to be seen if this year's Tokyo motor show will be the time and place.

There has also been talk of the new Z taking the form of a sporting SUV, which would surely break hearts - but those broken hearts, as is often the case, are unlikely to hurt sales.

The Supra would seem a shoo-in for Tokyo, however, with spy photos in recent weeks and months confirming that development is well underway.


Don't be surprised if Toyota reveals a look at the Supra in October, while BMW unveils the related and so-called 'Z5' either earlier in Frankfurt (September) or later in Los Angeles (December).

Watch for more on both cars to surface in the months ahead.


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