BMW Australia has confirmed the local rollout of the company's app-based BMW Connected system, giving owners expanded access to online services.
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Building on the ConnectedDrive functions already available to most BMW models, the more simply named BMW Connected learns your daily routine journeys and import appointments and destinations from other apps like your calendar or Yelp.

Other functions available are access to data such as the charge status of the vehicle's battery, driving range, travel times based on traffic conditions along with route information.


A recent update to the BMW Connected app saw the addition of Android compatibility and the Apple Watch Series 2.

Once the driver enters the vehicle with their compatible smartphone, the application connects to the vehicle either via a bluetooth connection or a USB cable, depending on model and iDrive version.

Users will also have access to 'First Mile' and 'Last Mile' navigation services, which directs drivers from their destination to their vehicle or vice-versa, which the company says is useful when finding your car in a large carpark.


The app can also send notifications when it's time to leave for your next scheduled journey, share your arrival time and/or destination via text message, while also being able to search for nearby fuel stations and car parks.

BMW Connected will be offered to any BMW with an iDrive 5 system equipped with the professional navigation system.

Models eligible for the BMW Connected services are those that have been fited with ConnectedDrive Services and Remote Services, which have been standard on all BMW models since July/August production in 2015 except for the Z4. These models can be retroactively updated, although pricing is still to be confirmed.

Eligible model lines are listed below.

BMW 1 and 2 Series - standard on M140i, 230i and M240i, optional on other variants
BMW 3 Series sedan and Touring - standard on 330i, 330e and 340i, optional on other variants
BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo - standard on 330i, optional on 320d
BMW 4 Series - all variants
BMW 6 Series - all variants
BMW 7 Series - all variants (with touchscreen)
BMW X3 and X4 - standard on xDrive 28i and xDrive30d, optional on other variants
BMW X5 and X6 - all variants (with touchscreen)


The upcoming 'G30' BMW 5 Series (above) will also be offered with the app-based services, and will also be the first model in the company's line-up to come with iDrive 6.

However, exact timing for the local rollout of BMW Connected is still to be announced, so stay tuned to CarAdvice for an update in the near future.