Skoda Australia says it will put its hands up for any and all new RS models that might be in the pipeline, including any potential performance derivatives of its next-generation SUVs.
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The Skoda Octavia RS is the best-selling model from the Czech brand, signifying the importance of performance models that are in general far more popular in Australia as a percentage of overall sales than most other markets.

With the disappearance of the Skoda Fabia RS, the Volkswagen-owned brand is seeking other models to bolster its range and meet the appetite of Australian customers.

Skoda Fabia RS rear cornering

Speaking to CarAdvice at the launch of the new Octavia RS230 in Sydney yesterday (review), the boss of Skoda Australia, Michael Irmer, confirmed his position on future RS models.

“I think wherever an RS pops up in the product planning, we would definitely want to have it in Australia for sure,” Irmer said.

“The factory made the decision to not continue with the RS in the Fabia range because it is a segment where the customer's willingness to step up, price-wise, is not as great as in larger segments - and it’s why they are concentrating on other variants.”

Skoda Fabia RS - 9

Those larger vehicles could potentially include the Superb as well as the upcoming Skoda Kodiaq and next-generation Yeti SUVs. With Irmer agreeing that the RS line-up could definitely extend to the brand’s SUVs.

“The Factory looks at larger products and evaluations and it’s too early to confirm anything, but, if it is going ahea,d then I will definitely want to have it in Australia as well," he said.

Skoda currently has 35 dealers across Australia, with sales expected to grow by more than 50 per cent in the coming 18-24 months as it launches a product onslaught into multiple SUV segments.