If you ever through your base Lamborghini wasn't special enough, Lamborghini has extended its Ad Personam personalisation program even further, with an almost endless amount of customisation options.
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The new Ad Personam design studio located at Lamborghini headquarters in Sant'Agata, Italy, offers buyers the chance to get up close and personal with the materials available for their vehicle.

The studio features a specialist who guides buyers through the process of adding a personal touch to their vehicle. Lamborghini says buyers have opted to spend anywhere from around $1500, all the way through to over $140,000 in the chase of a unique vehicle.


Most of the personalisation requests come from the USA (around 42 per cent), closely followed by the Middle East and Europe. While European buyers opt for discrete additions to their vehicle, Middle East buyers go all out with bright colours and materials to further customise their vehicles.

The Ad Personam program has been extended to Huracan buyers too, although Lamborghini says only around 30 per cent of Huracan buyers opt for personalisation, in comparison to 58 per cent of Aventador buyers.

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Those that can't make it to Sant'Agata can customise their vehicles at major motor shows around the world, where Lamborghini dedicates a suite to high value buyers looking to make their next purchase.

Some of the items buyers can add to their Lamborghini include forged composite roof materials, a number of pearlescent and matt finish colours, dual-colour liveries, racing motifs and even laser engraved interiors and Alcantara lining.


The cost of customisations come before any option boxes are ticked — meaning that if you purchased a Lamborghini Aventador SV, you could be up for well over $1 million after on-road costs.

In terms of the Australian context, Andrea Baldi, head of Lamborghini Asia Pacific, told CarAdvice that every Aventador and Aventador SV sold so far has had some level of personalisation.

"Every customer has gone to a level of personalisation. They enjoyed it, some of them have done things that are very unique, I've never seen things like this in the world. It was a challenge for the Ad Personam program to grow," Baldi said.

"As far as Huracan goes, the penetration percentage is a little lower. With this car we have a few available and sometimes people will buy what is already available [as opposed to ordering and waiting for delivery]. But, for the ones that order the car, they will normally go for a level of personalisation, at the very least a colour or trim," says Baldi.

Which combination of colours or customisations would you add to your Aventador or Huracan?