The facelifted Lamborghini Aventador has been spied doing a spot of hot weather testing in southern Europe.
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Visually, the revised Aventador features reshaped lower air intakes in the front bumper. There's also a redone set of side sills.

Around the back, the chromed frame around the exhaust tips has been reshaped to be taller and narrower. The design of the rear bumper has also been extensively revised with a much more noticeable diffuser and an explosion slashes, cuts and creases.


The car spied here is the Roadster variant, which features two removable carbon-fibre roof panels to allow for a spot of alfresco driving.

There's a very good chance that both the coupe and the open-top version will feature a similar set of exterior, interior and underbody changes.

Behind the driver and passenger, Lamborghini will likely tweak the car's naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 to deliver a bit of extra power, not that you could all today's 510kW/689Nm engine lethargic.


The updated Aventador will likely have its big debut at major European motor show, meaning that it will probably be introduced to the world at the 2016 Paris show in October or the 2017 Geneva show in March.