UPDATE: Despite the appearance of this would-be Panamera in marketing material, it has been confirmed as little more than a speculative rendering of the so-called 'Pajun' sedan, published in the German and American press. The image was likely used as a 'placeholder' in the materials sent to CarAdvice. (Can't win 'em all!)
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An image of what is believed to be the 2017 Porsche Panamera, in GTS or Turbo specification, has been leaked in marketing documents obtained by CarAdvice.

The 2017 Panamera is expected to be revealed at the Paris motor show in October, continuing its familiar four-door form while also adding a swooping Gran Turismo body to the roster.

The image above shows a sharper and more classically proportioned Panamera with revised headlights and front intake, along with new LED daytime running lights.


The headlights feature a black highlight on the outer edges and appear to be dual-LED for the main beam.

Other changes include a relocation of the Porsche badge from the bonnet to the the front bumper bar - a tweak that appears to be at odds with the subtle depression visible in the bonnet of the spied prototype above. A late change?

The wing mirrors also appear to have changed with a single holding pillar, as opposed to the exposed turret on the current Panamera.


The side profile now features a beltline that runs the length of the vehicle through to the rear.

The profile of the car, badge placement and beltline look similar to the Porsche Sport Turismo concept released in 2012.

The interior is expected to feature a new layout with a revised gear shifter, capacitive touch controls and toggle switches, along with a larger infotainment screen.


The new Porsche Panamera will be built on the Volkswagen group’s versatile MSB platform, developed for front-engined, rear- and all-wheel-drive cars.

We expect the Panamera to be available with V6 and V8 petrol engine options, along with a V6 turbocharged diesel and a plug-in hybrid.

Watch for the new Panamera to make its global debut in Paris, later this year.