Suzuki has issued a recall for its small S-Cross SUV after it was discovered that the front seat back may have been assembled with incorrect stitch seam spacing.
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The recall affects 3755 examples of the S-Cross built between 2014 and 2015.

The car maker reports that the stitching on affected S-Cross’ may not meet the manufacturing control values around the area of the side airbag.

In an accident, the trim may be too strong to tear open, meaning the airbag may not properly inflate. Should this occur, the risk of injury to the vehicle’s occupants is greatly increased.

This is the second time the small SUV has been recalled this year. In february, the Japanese car maker had to call back a number of S-Cross and Vitara models over fears its rear axle bolts may become loose. Only around 10 affected vehicles had been delivered to buyers, however.

Owners of affected vehicles are advised to contact an authorised Suzuki dealer to have the issue inspected and resolved if necessary.