2016 Tesla Model S facelift revealed

A subtle facelift for the Tesla Model S was quietly unveiled overnight, via the electric car maker's website.
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The most noticeable changes to the revised Tesla Model S have been introduced to the car's front end. Gone is the fake black grille, replaced by a slim piano black and chrome garnish that resembles the piece fitted to the front of the Model X crossover.

Accompanying this is a revised front bumper with slightly edgier lines, as well as the availability of adaptive LED headlights. The new lighting units feature 14 tri-directional LED clusters that allow the car's beam pattern to follow steering inputs.


Also on the options list is a HEPA air filter, which can filter out 99.97 percent of all pollution, allergens and bacteria. It's likely that this system will feature a "biodefence" mode, similar to the one demonstrated at the launch of the Model X.

For the US, at least, there's also an improved charger that can draw down a maximum of 48 amps (up from 40 amps), which should lead to improved charging times from compatible charging stations. On the inside, there are two new trim options: dark ash wood and figured ash wood.

Drivetrain choices are, for now, unchanged with the car being offered in the all-wheel drive P90D, 90D and 70D trims, as well as the rear-wheel drive 70. At the moment there's no sign of the P100D option that's referenced within the car's firmware.



The revised Tesla Model S will begin rolling down the company's Fremont, California, production line today. We're waiting to hear back from Tesla as to when the facelifted Model S will begin arriving in Australia.