Ford has filed a patent in the US for an in-car entertainment system that could one day bring the cinema to the driver’s seat.
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No, you're not misreading that: the American motor giant recently lodged a patent application for an “autonomous vehicle entertainment system”, complete with its own projector and portable screen.

American website Autoblog reports that the system works while the vehicle is in autonomous mode, allowing the driver and passengers to have an in-flight-like cinema experience on the ground.

Of course, as exciting as this patent may be, there is no guarantee that we will see this kind of in-car entertainment anytime soon - not to mention the safety concerns that arise with a system like this.


Above: Ford's current driverless technology development is a little more mundane

Having a screen that drops down while the car is in auto-pilot, covering the windscreen while in motion, would appear to make the driver and passengers completely unaware of oncoming hazards.

Furthermore, autonomous vehicle technology would have to be sophisticated and reliable enough to take full charge while you and the family watch a feature film without having to worry about your car colliding with the rear of a truck.

We can only guess what the future holds, but let's hope it has a clearer vision.