Here in the Land of the Free, the Super Bowl is the show that stops the nation, and at some point between all the ads a game of football breaks out. Occasionally.
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For your viewing pleasure, we've corralled together, in alphabetical order, all the spots that have already revealed by automakers.

Updated (February 8, 2016): Four car ads debuted during the big match (one from Buick, two from Jeep and one from Toyota). We've added them to the bottom of this article and marked them out with an asterix. Enjoy.


Acura NSX — What he said

The second-genenation NSX will be available soon in the States. Honest. There's also Van Halen's "Runnin' with the Devil", which was first available in 1978.

Watch it here


Audi R8 — Commander

A drive of an Audi R8 revives a former astronaut's zest for life, and it's topped off with the strains of David Bowie's "Starman" ringing in the background.

Watch it here


Honda Ridgeline — A new truck to love

A choir of sheep singing Queen's "Somebody to love" show off the new Ridgeline's tailgate party-friendly truck-bed audio system.

Watch it here


Hyundai — Better

Apparently a prerequisite for joining Hyundai's design team is having an engine for a heart.

Watch it here


Hyundai Elantra — The chase

The Korean company is keen to promote the technology available in the next-generation Elantra sedan, which may or may not come in handy when you're being chased by bears in a forest.

Watch it here


Hyundai Elantra — Ryanville

Ryan Reynalds takes on the role of every man everywhere to demonstrate the benefits of automatic emergency braking.

Watch it here


Hyundai Genesis — First date

Kevin Hart is the over-protective dad who makes use of the Genesis' Car Finder feature.

Watch it here


Kia Optima — Walken closet

Christopher Walken likens the new Kia Optima to the world's most exciting pair of socks.

Watch it here


Mini Clubman — Defy labels

This star-studded piece includes Serena Williams, Tony Hawk and Harvey Keitel daring you to call the Mini a chick's care to their faces.

Watch it here


Toyota Prius — Heck on wheels

Toyota tries to reset the Prius' image by not giving flying fudge about what you think and just rocking the heck out.

Watch it here


Heinz — Weiner stampede

Okay, it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with cars, but we figure that you've made it this far and you deserve a treat. In our meticulous and hours-long research for this piece, this is probably our favourite ad.

Watch it here


*Buick Cascada — The Big Day

The Opel Cascada wants to be the next Sebring convertible, so Buick brought out Odell Beckham Jr (he's a footballer) and Emily Ratajkowski (she's a model, apparently) for an ad that confuses one big day for another.

Watch it here


*Jeep — 4x4x4ever

It's little surprise given Fiat Chrysler's announcement that it will axe the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart, that both of its Super Bowl spots focus on the company's most profitable brand, Jeep, and this second ad sees Jeep as an enabler.

While neither piece quite reaches the advertising heights of Chrysler's Imported from Detroit ad for 2011's game, at least they've chosen the right product to push.

Watch it here


*Jeep — Portraits

For the brand's 75th year, Jeep decided to pull on the heartstrings with this photo montage that's naturally full of great Americans and imagery from World War II, but which also manages to sneak in Jeff Goldblum and the Terminator.

Watch it here


*Toyota Prius — The Longest Chase

Not content to send itself up once, Toyota heads back to the parody well for a second time with a bank heist that goes wrong and then right.

Watch it here

So, what's your favourite automotive ad from this year's Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments section below.